Shoulder Joint Center

The Wellton Hospital's Shoulder Joint Center

- Is giving the greatest effort to fully recover shoulder disorders by facilitating nonoperative and surgical treat ments depending on the symptoms of the disease. Especially for the arthroscopy, our skilled specialists with extensive surgical experiences implement the surgery for precise surgeries with fast recovery.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
Available Date for Surgery : the next day or the day of hospitalization.
Rehabilitaion period : 4 weeks
Earliest time back home : after 3 days (depends on the type of surgery)
Caution period : 4 weeks
Period for supplemental equipment : wear for 4 weeks after the surgery(depends on the type of surgery)

What is the treatment method for damaged shoulder joints?

Shoulder joint is one of the most complex and delicate joints in our body. Since it has the largest range of movement, it needs function organizationally with other tissues nearby including various muscles and tendons.

If joint damage occurs, it needs to be regarded with conservative treatments such as medical treatment, injections, special physical therapy during the initial stage. In the case of diseases with serious pain, it needs to be regarded with surgical treatments using arthroscopy to eliminate the cause of the pain and to recover joint functions.

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Shoulder Joint Center Features and Benefits

  • > Providing suitable treatments for each type of diseases and

    There are many different types of shoulder diseases depending on the age, living habits, and health conditions. Therefore, we strive to recover the patient’s shoulder stability by applying suitable treatments according to the type of disease and symptom. Our specialized shoulder medical team diagnosis the patient’s shoulder conditions by conducting in depth medical examinations.

  • > Minimize Pain and fast recovery through arthroscopic surgery

    If the case needed a surgery, an arthroscope with a camera attached is inserted into the damaged joint site to visually locate the damaged site to implement the surgery. The anthroendoscopic surgery minimizes the pain and speeds up the recovery process by implementing minimal incision which is smaller than 1 cm. Most importantly, it can be treated safely and accurately.

  • > Special Rehabilitation Treatment After Surgery

    The Shoulder Center at the Wellton Hospital provides post surgery rehabilitation programs customized to each individual’s recovery speed and conditions. We are striving to recover range of motion of the shoulder according to each individual’s capacity for locomotion through a step by step process. The rehabilitation through shoulder muscle reinforcement and stability exercises are facilitated for each day using equipments such as balls, elastic bands, sling, and dumbbells.

Shoulder muscle strengthening exercises using balls, elastic bands,
slings, and dumbbells

Cases that need

Arthroscopic Surgery

This surgery is implemented for the following cases: a rupture or inflammation in the rotator cuff tendon due to excessive shoulder use, limitation in the shoulder’s range of motion with continuous pain throughout the day and night, difficulties in carrying out daily activities.

Typical Disorders Rotator cuff tear/frozen shoulder/shoulder impingement syndrome/calcified tendinitis/shoulder dislocation/omarthritis/glenoidal labrum rupture

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