Related to hospital assistance

  • Are there employees available for interpretation?

    Wellton Hospital has English and Russian speaking coordinators to interpret and guide you through services including procedures for hospitalization, consultations, and services needed during hospitalization after surgery.

  • What services or facilities are designed for international patients?

    To protect your privacy, you have the option to use a single room. In the single room, private bathroom, sofa, desk, satellite tv, personal safe, and free WIFI are provided, and also, you can choose your meals. In addition, you can be provided with airport pickup service and surgery on the very day of your hospitalization, if arrangements are made beforehand. Most of all, we provide live broadcasting of surgerys and music service during surgerys to assure our patients.

  • Where should I contact if I want to receive treatment from Wellton Hospital?

    Please contact us through our Wellton Hospital overseas patient exclusive phone number (82-2-6925-6688) and email (global@wellton.co.kr / kzmk25@naver.com). For more details, please visit the “Contact Us” section of this website. .

  • What do I need to prepare to make an appointment?

    You should send X-ray or MRI test results. This will help us better identify your symptoms to support your treatment. If you send us a copy of your passport and airline ticket reservation card, we will prepare to assist you with airport pickup service according to your schedule of arrival.

  • What should I do if I don’t have the X-ray or MRI test results?

    If we are provided with the patient’s test results, based on the information, we can make treatment plans and estimate the cost of treatment. In the case you do not have any test results, please describe the details of your symptoms to our consultant. If possible, we ask that you send us the test results that you have obtained from your local hospital.

  • How much is the surgery cost?

    The surgery and treatment method are different depending on the patient’s conditions. Therefore, you should get advise from our consultants by calling us(82-2-6925-6688) or emailing us (global@wellton.co.kr / kzmk25@naver.com). Our consultants will give you friendly and prompt advice.

Related to Surgery

  • I am afraid of undergoing surgery. Is the replacement surgery safe?

    Wellton Hospital is ranked 1st in South Korea for the number of high degree hip joint surgerys, and also, our hospital has been designated as the International Replacement Education Center We would like to provide you with satisfying surgery results through our nation-wide and internationally recognized replacement surgery techniques.

  • How long is my total hospitalized time?

    About 14 days after the surgery, which includes the period of rehabilitation.

  • How soon will I be able to walk after the surgery?

    Although it is different per individual, early ambulation is possible after 4 hours of the surgery and independent ambulation is possible after 5 days of the surgery. Normal daily activities and light exercises is possible after 2 weeks of the surgery.

  • When can I take a bath?

    Light shower can be taken on the first day, after the stitches have been removed from the surgical site.

  • How can I maintain the surgical site after the surgery?

    On the day of your discharge, we will teach you rehabilitation exercise methods. You can continuously perform these exercises at home. After being discharged from our hospital, normal daily activities such as cycling, swimming, hiking, driving, and golf can be performed. However, please avoid exercises that involve jumping down from elevated places.

  • How big are the scars from the surgery?

    Our minimal incision surgery is performed through 9-10 cm, which is half of the size of the existing surgery methods, and also, one of the best advantages in receiving an surgery at our hospital. Therefore, you will even be satisfied from the cosmetic aspect due to the relatively small-sized scars after the surgery.

  • How long can I use the artificial joint?

    The lifespan of the artificial joint various depending on the patient’s age, weight, level of activities, and heal conditions. On the average, the knee artificial joint can used for about 15~20 years and hip artificial joint lasts for about 30 years If you take good care of it, you may be able to use it longer.

  • Can both sides of the surgical site undergo surgery at the same time?

    Both sides can be operated on the same day. However, the recovery time takes longer and patients tend to feel more burden with this method. Therefore, we perform the surgery by operating one side first and then, we give it a week to recover before undergoing surgery on the other side.

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