Sports Joint Center

The Wellton Hospital's Sports Joint Center

- Through specialized therapists provides one-on-one customized rehabilitation treatment for each individual which begin from prior to surgery to post surgery after assessing the structural damage of the site and functional abnormalities.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Wellton

  • ∙ Cruciate ligament rupture rehabilitation : up to 10 weeks after reconstruction of cruciate ligament
  • ∙ Cartilaginous plate tear rehabilitation : up to 8 weeks after the growth plate repair or resection
  • ∙ Ankle sprain rehabilitation : joint range of motion exercises, muscle strengthening, proprioceptive exercise
  • ∙ Cartilage damage rehabilitation : up to 16 weeks after microfracture
  • ∙ Shoulder damage rehabilitation (rotator cuff tear, glenoidal labrum rupture) : up to 10 weeks after the repair

What is the rehabilitation method used at the Sports Center?

The Sports Center at the Wellton Hospital concentrates on providing two types of rehabilitation methods which are nonoperative treatments and post surgery rehabilitation treatments. The nonoperative treatments refer to facilitation of exercise treatments to ease chronic pain. The post surgery rehabilitation treatments maximizes the surgery efficacy by speeding up the recovery and preventing recurrence through the use of various rehabilitation equipments for muscle strengthening exercises.

What is the rehabilitation method used at the Sports Center?

  • > Post surgery rehabilitation and customized exercises for
    sports injuries

    The Sports Center at the Wellton Hospital provides customized rehabilitation exercise treatments related to sports injuries and post surgery rehabilitation including shoulder range of motion exercises, muscle recovery exercises, joint stabilization exercises, and proper walking exercises.

  • > Scientific Joint Fuction Tests and Muscle Function Tests
    Pre and post surgery diagnosis and rehabilitation exercise treatments are implemented by precisely assessing the muscle and amount of exercise load using cutting edge equipments such as BIODEX. This is effectively used not only for surgical patients, but also, for sports players who need rehabilitation due to sports injuries.

  • > Wide range of management from general patients to
    professional athletes

    The Sport Center provides wide range of treatments including exercise programs to suit each type of disease for general patients, sports injury prevention and physical strength reinforcement geared toward health management of professional athletes.

Cases that need

Sports Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation treatment is applied in the following cases: weakened joint functions due to chronic pain in the neck, waist, shoulder, knee, and ankles, need of rehabilitation after arthroscopic surgery to treat knee or shoulder joints, performance improvement for professional athletes.

Typical Disorders
Cruciate ligament rupture rehabilitation/meniscal tear rehabilitation / ankle sprain rehabilitation / cartilage damage rehabilitation / shoulder injury rehabilitation (rotator cuff tear, glenoidal labrum rupture)

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