Knee Joint Center

The Wellton Hospital's Knee Joint Center

- Performs specialized treatment of knee joint disorders through arthroscopic and replacement surgeries after comprehensively assessing the patient’s age, symptoms, and health conditions. Our goal is to provide the most suitable treatment method by preserving the patient’s knee joints and surrounding tissues as much as possible.

Total Knee Replcement

  • ∙ Available Date for Surgery : the next day after hospitalization
  • ∙ Rehabilitaion period : 14 days
  • ∙ Earliest time back home : 14 days after surgery
  • ∙ Caution period : 1 month for one side, 2 months for both sides
  • ∙ If both sides need surgery : the second surgery will be after 1 week of the first surgery
  • ※ Follow up : in 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year via X-ray

What is knee replacement surgery?

If the patient cannot walk normally due to various disorders associated with the knee, trauma, or aging, this surgery removes the damaged joint and replaces it with an artificial joint which suits the individual. The knee replacement surgery at the Wellton Hospital decrased the existing standard of the incision site by half from 20cm to 10cm, noticeably decreasing the pain and damage in the muscle and tendon.

Before Surgery


After Surgery

Wellton Hospital's Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Conventional Surgery technique / Wellton's Muscle-tendon Preservation techique

    > Minimal Incision Surgery The unneeded muscle and tendon damage are decreased through the minimal incision surgery, and also, the pain, bleeding, and scar are minimized subsequent to the surgery. Because the damaged site has been minimized, the synechia after surgery has also been decreased for an amicable bending motion in the knees.  

  • Conventional Method / Wellton's Method

    > Knee Stability Maximization By considering the individual’s soft tissue condition, living environments, joint condition, gender, age, and level of activity, we provide the most suitable artificial joint to the patients. The so called, “customized artificial joint” has amazing stability where as the stress forced on the knee is decreased to maintain the function reformation of the joint and improve pain associated with the knee.

  • > 1:1 Cutting edge
    rehabilitaion treatment
    After the surgery, the specialized rehabilitation therapist performs 1 on 1 customized rehabilitation treatment on the patient.

  • > 4 hours after the surgery,
    early ambulation
    The early rehabilitation training accompanied by our specialized therapists prevents synechia in the surgical site and strengthens muscles.

  • > Live surgery scene The surgery is performed under live scene. Therefore, the patient and guardians can feel as ease during the surgery.

  • > Bacteria-free System in
    Operating Rooms
    All of our operating rooms have bacteria-free systems to achieve infection rate of 0%.

Cases that need

Knee Replacement Surgery

In the following cases, knee replacement surgery is implemented: last stage of degenerative arthritis accompanied by severe pain and completely worn out cartilage, rheumatoid arthritis with transformation in the joint or severe joint damage, severe pain when resting or sleeping, and difficulty in walking due to stiff knees.

Typical Disorders
Degenerative arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis/degenerative arthritis from inborn deformity/arthritis from trauma related to accidents

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

  • ∙ Available Date for Surgery : the next day after hospitalization
  • ∙ Rehabilitaion period : 4 weeks
  • ∙ Earliest time back home : after 3 days (depends on the type of surgery)
  • ∙ Caution period : 4 weeks
  • ∙ If both sides need surgery : wear for 4 weeks after the surgery
  • (depends on the type of surgery)

What is an arthroscopic surgery?

This surgery forms a 1cm hole in the knee joint site associated with problems and inserts an arthroscopy attached with a camera to monitor the joint conditions to clean out the foreign substances and damaged cartilages. However, in the case of the worn out cartilage, arthroscopic surgery is not possible and substitution of artificial joint is needed.

Before Surgery


After Surgery

Wellton Hospital’s the advantages of the arthroscopic surgery

  • > 1 day arthroscopic surgery Undergoing surgery at the first hospitalization day and the patient can be discharged from the hospital in the very next day. (Subject to change depending on the type of surgery)

  • > Skilled Specialist’s Surgery We can ensure accuracy and safety of the surgery because our skilled specialists directly monitors inside of the joint through artho-scopy

  • > Minimal Bleeding,
    Minimal Pain
    With minimal incision of less than 1 cm, the scars, bleeding, and pain from the surgery have been substantially decreased.

  • > Customized Rehabilitation
    We have a systematized rehabilitation programs for effective post recovery and rehabilitation.

Cases that need


This surgery is need if the cartilage has been damaged from aggressive sport activities or exercises, it is difficult to go up and down stair and movements have become unnatural, the knee cartilaginous plate found to be severely damaged through medical examinations

Typical Disorders
Complex lateral meniscus tear/cruciate ligament rupture/
osteochondritis dissecans/articular cartilage damage

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