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Specialized Hospital for Joint Surgery

Wellton Hospital is a specialized hospital for joint surgeries providing highest level of medical service to patients with joint disorders. The Wellton Hospital is composed of orthopedic specialists, who collaborate with other specialists in each treatment field to demonstrate the safest and up to date surgery methods. Wellton Hospital’s specialized surgery methods displays high efficiency in fast recovery and pain management after surgery and it has been effective in treatment of all joint diseases including sport trauma.

Total Hip Replacement

The Total Hip Replacement is performed to patients experiencing severe pain from necrosis in the hip joints or hip fractures in which hip joints can no longer be functioned normally. The surgeon’s level of clinical experience and the implementation of specialized surgery method can have a great influence on the total hip replacement results. At Wellton Hospital, orthopedic specialists perform total hip replacement through minimal incision method that preserves the muscles and tendons which help speed up recovery after the surgery. More details >

Total Knee Replacement

Today, there are many people who are experiencing pain from arthritis. At Wellton Hospital, we precisely diagnose the knee conditions of the patients to facilitate arthroscopy or replacement surgery. Because we understand the burden patients feel about surgery, we place heavy emphasis on joint preservation treatment methods. In case if the replacement surgery is needed, we carefully choose the size and shape of the artificial joints to suit the body so that the movement and feelings in the knee stay the same even after the surgery More details >

What is the Muscle-tendon Preservation Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS)?

It is an surgery that does not make an incision of the entire part of the muscle and tendon to preserve the tendon when inserting an artificial joint. By minimizing the skin incision to 9~10cm, the bleeding and pain has been decreased, and it has been recognized as an efficient surgery method that speeds up the recovery process.

Sangho Song MD, Ph.D

Sang Ho Song, Director of Wellton Hospital has been performing replacement surgery for patients with hip and knee disorders using the Muscle-tendon preserving Minimal Incision Surgery. As a specialist with vast clinical surgery experiences and techniques, he has been recognized globally as a minimum incision surgery expert through various oversea joint surgeries including surgeries in Germany, United Kingdom, and United States.

Shoulder Joint Center

The ‘shoulder’ which consists of various types of disorders, need faster recovery which is more important than accurate diagnosis and treatment. If the shoulder disorder is treated in its early stage, nonoperative method can be used. However, if the symptoms have been neglected for a long period of time, operative treatments such as arthroscopy are needed in many occasions. At Wellton Hospital, we want to find the most suitable treatment for your disorder so that you can regain your healthy shoulder back. More details >

Sports Joint Center

At the Sports Joint Center of Welllton Hospital, we provide the most efficient and effective rehabilitation exercises using scientific joint function tests and cutting edge equipments. We are giving our greatest efforts to speed up our patients’ rehabilitation process by facilitating rehabilitation exercises for patients who undergone surgery, various exercise programs individually designed according to each type of disorder for general patients, and sports injury prevention and management for professional athletes. More details >

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