International exchange

Wellton Hospital is a designated International Arthroplasty Learning Center by the world's top two international medical device company, 'Stryker' and 'Johnson & Johnson' invites local doctors from developing countries such as China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, to notify future technologies of the Republic of Korea.

Wellton hospital [muscles, tendons preserved minimally invasive
arthroplasty surgery] technique was published in DVD by a
request of the global medical device company "Stryker", for
education of orthopedic surgeons and was transmitted to
Asia-Pacific region and all over the world.

Network of the International excahange

Wellton Hospital is committed to accept the health system and professional medical knowledge of the latest
trends through a variety of international exchange.
With the MOU and medical staff exchanges with local hospitals we are expanding global network as well as
increasing the international awareness.

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