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My right leg became ill.
My right leg became ill.
Writer|Galina Date|2015-11-06 Views|32554
My right leg became ill. I had a pain in area of patella of knee joint and under of it. On the advice of friends, I sent images taken in Vladivostok to Wellton hospital for consultation. Then I get completely answer with a full schedule by the day, with the name of all analysis and procedures. After consulting with the relatives, I decided to take treatment in Korea, namely Wellton hospital. Hospital seemed to me as a modest building, but the quality of service and diagnostic equipment is very impressive. The survey was done promptly and in the evening an operation was done. The medical staff is friendly so I didn’t feel language barrier. The doctor is very attentive, thoroughly consulted. I’d like to say thank you to the translator consultant who organized everything beforehand and quickly. Hopefully my leg will be like new. I wish others opt for the Wellton hospital without doubt. Work is clearly done.
Thank you! I hope that I opted for the Wellton hospital not in vain.

Plekhanova G.
Hospitalization period: From November 3, 2015, until November 6, 2015
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