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I was injured and had fracture of the hip joint when I was a child
I was injured and had fracture of the hip joint when I was a child
Writer|Gussen Date|2015-05-07 Views|35434
I was injured and had fracture of the hip joint when I was a child. For many years I had no problem in my hip, so I run around and there were no particular concern, but year after year, I felt discomfort in walking. For the last four years I started to feel severe pain in the joint, then it became worse and I decided to take operation. While I was looking for good orthopedic hospital I talked with my friends, and one of them suggested me «Wellton» hospital because he have attended forum at Wellton hospital last year. I started to collect the information about the Wellton Hospital. After extensive information about the experts, including the chief surgeon, I gain a hope that I can be operated. Then after many conversation and consultation with a Wellton hospital stall Eunsu Kim, I decided to get medical service in Wellton hospital which is based in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. I arrived at hospital in 22th of April. On the first day I took a consultation with my doctor and took all preoperative analysis, and on the second day I took operation. Everything was so fast so I could not even realize that I took the operation. From the next after operation I stated to walk, and on the 3rd day after operation I started rehabilitation exercises. Thanks to everyday walking and rehabilitation exercises I could recover faster and I could walk better. I was impressed by service of Wellton hospital especially thanks to medical staffs for everyday attention and kind care. Main doctor did everyday rounding and checked my condition and answered to all my questions and asked do I have any inconvenience. Thanks to Eunsoo Kim, he helped a lot during my hospital stay. He is very competent and friendly and a good person. He is a real friend. I’m discharging without any regret of my selection. I well arrived, took operation, and now I’ll go back. Thanks to the diligent nurses who took care of me. Especially thanks to doctor Sang Ho Song, he is a real specialist. Further I wish prosperity to Wellton Hospital.

With regards, Gussen Mamedov

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