Hip Joint Center

The Wellton Hospital's Hip Joint Center

- Helps patients who need hip replacements by providing the internationally recognized, “Muscle-tendon Preservation Minimal Incision” surgery method to recover your joint functions so that you can quickly regain your healthy lifestyle back. The hip replacement surgery is performed by our specialists who have significant clinical experiences and all of the treatments and assessments before surgery and rehabilitation treatments after the surgery are facilitated comprehensively and systemically.

Total Hip Replcement

  • ∙ Available Date for Surgery : the next day after hospitalization
  • ∙ Rehabilitaion period : 14 days
  • ∙ Earliest time back home : 14 days after surgery
  • ∙ Caution period : Up to 6 weeks after the surgery
  • ∙ If both sides need surgery : the second surgery will be after 1 week of the first surgery
  • ※ Follow up : in 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year via X-ray

What is hip replacement surgery?

The hip joint is a joint between the pelvis and femur(thigh bone) and it plays a significant role for walking, sitting, and movements in the lower body. If daily activities become difficult to perform due to damage accompanied by pain in the hip joint which may have derived from factors including aging, trauma, and joint disorders, hip replacement surgery removes the damaged joint to replace it with an artificial joint.

Before Surgery


After Surgery

Wellton Hospital's Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Conventional Surgery technique / Wellton's Muscle-tendon Preservation techique

    > Muscle-tendon Preservation Because the artificial joint is inserted without cutting the external rotator muscles and tendons, the post-operative dislocation of hip joint ratio has been decreased to the range within 0%, which has been the most concerned side effect of the conventional surgery of muscle tendon incision.

  • Conventional Method / Wellton's Method

    > Minimal Incision Surgery The part for surgical incision has been decreased to 10cm, decreasing half of the conventional surgery standard, thus minimizing tendon damage and post-surgery pain. It enables unrestricted sitting postures beginning from the following day of the surgery.

  • > 1:1 Cutting edge
    rehabilitaion treatment
    After the surgery, the specialized rehabilitation therapist performs 1 on 1 customized rehabilitation treatment on the patient.

  • > 4 hours after the surgery,
    early ambulation
    The early rehabilitation training accompanied by our specialized therapists prevents synechia in the surgical site and strengthens muscles.

  • > Live surgery scene The surgery is performed under live scene. Therefore, the patient and guardians can feel as ease during the surgery.

  • > Bacteria-free System in
    Operating Rooms
    All of our operating rooms have bacteria-free systems to achieve infection rate of 0%.

Cases that need

Hip Replacement

The surgery is implemented for seniors who have experienced hip fracture from common falling accidents, different leg lengths due to avascular necrosis of the femoral head, and difficulties carrying out daily activities due to pain in the hip joints.

Typical Disorders
Degenerative osteoarthritis /avascular necrosis of the femoral head/LCP/rheumatoid arthritis/femoral neck fracture and intertrochanteric fracture /fracture and traumatic arthritis

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