Hospital Facilities

  • 병원 사진 B2
    operating room
    Advanced aseptic system for realizing a zero rate of infection after surgery
  • 병원 사진 B2
    operating room
    Bloodless arthroplasty surgery, Arthroplasty fellowship for international medical staff (International Arthroplasty learning center)
  • 병원 사진 B2
  • 병원 사진 B2
  • 병원 사진 B2
  • 7F
    Roof Garden, Staff Cafeteria
  • 6F
    Wellbeing [W] Ward (601-613)
  • 5F
    Together [T] Ward (501-509)
  • 3F
    Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, ESWT, Conference Room
  • 2F
    Health Examination Center, Laboratory Medicine, Radiology
  • 1F
    Hospital Administration, Orthopedics, Internal medicine, Treatment room
  • B1
    Parking Lot
  • B2
    Operating Room, Seminar Room

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